Theft of State Funds

December 25, 2003

Attorney General Lockyer
State Capitol
Sacramento, California 95814

Re: Theft of State Funds at California Public Utilities Commission

Dear Mr. Lockyer,

For three years in a row, a small group of employees has been stealing public funds at the California PUC. The State Auditor documented some of these events in the Report of Improper and Illegal Activities by State Employees, 2003 edition. As a result, one of the three employees seen as responsible for these thefts has either been dismissed or placed on “leave,” depending on who is telling the story at the CPUC. [This is an agency full of “cover ups,” so any information they give out is immediately suspect.] Does Haji Jameel remain on the public payroll?

Also, two other employees visibly co-planners or co-conspirators along with Mr. Jameel, are still on the public payroll. Why are Messrs. Ken L. K.oss and Vahak Petrossian permitted to remain on the public payroll?

Has your office, or that of the Auditor General, succeeded in recapturing the money from any or all of these defendants? Anybody adding up the actual funds stolen can see they total well over $150,000. Did, as we understand, the three men who sponsored the phony conferences under state auspices, “split the take?” When will the public purse be made whole and the thieves be required to restore what they took from the taxpayers?

The number of statues violated is nearly a dozen. The Auditor General listed some of these, but of course grand theft, fraud, and criminal conspiracy come right to mind. When will those responsible be prosecuted for their felonious conduct?

Your staff advises these men remain under criminal investigation pending prosecution and that prosecutions are “expected soon.” Can this be speeded up to restore the stolen public money, and to see justice served?

Knowing your sincere commitment for honesty in government, we look forward to
reading a “successful prosecution” press release from your office, soon.

Sincerely yours,
Citizens Concerned with PUC Abuses
J. Winthrop Thompson, Bev. Hills
K. R. Hoenig, Pacific Palisades
R. L. Strauss, David McCoy, Sarah Langford
Cc: Governor, Auditor General, Legislature, Press, Media, TURN, UCAN, Feds, List 2,