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From: Fanusie, Yaya
To: Wuerstle, Paul
Cc: Fanusie, Yaya ; saigobe@lanset.com
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 8:50 AM
Subject: Concerning our conversation this morning about what I meant by my "Declaration" at the Executive Director All Staff Meeting on Friday April 22, 2005

Dear Paul,

Thank you for listening to my explanation/rationale for my statement made at the Executive Director meeting last Friday. I think I made my point to those who might have been speculating that I was the one giving or reveal facts or alleged wrongdoing about elements within CPUC MANAGEMENT without revealing that I am the source of the Tips, etc I do not hide when I do such acts. I sign things I send out and I always give a copy to CPUC MANAGEMENT. That’s my MO.

My main concern is to protect one of my CORE VALUES. The one under attack was my position of challenging Abuse of Power and Authority. My challenges are always done above ground-publicly. I am not afraid of those in Authority and Power so I do not have to do anything behind their backs.

Concerning my statement that you read from email you had in your hand. I want to assure you that the view that you have about me: that is I would not do violence in the workplace is correct. I am happy that you trust me and that is the reason I am sending you this note.

To know more about me visit website www.coaforum.com

I have linked What Now?! To www.coaforum.com

I did that so that my global allies would see that I continue doing what I was doing in Africa before I came to America in 1967. And that I did not give up the struggle to prevent abuse of Power and Authority.

Yaya Fanusie.