Jennifer Bower
Interim Human Resources Director.

From: Yaya Fanusie
Date: Monday, September 19, 2005 2:28 AM
To: Beauregard, John Bruce
Cc: ; yaya fanusie ; ; Larson, Stephen ; ; Kostas Dimoyannis ; Yaya Fanusie ; Karen Young
Subject: website

Ms. Bower:

It is in your interest to visit the Concerned Staff Committee's website.
Please visit
Read as much as you could because you would understand that you will be in our next issue.
I do not know which fool at the CPUC wrote that letter you sent to me about my allegation that Patrick McDermott's salary is paid out of PUCTRA FUNDS. I bet they want to get rid of you because they knew your letter would force me to discard the Union Hat and take matter up with the Concerned Staff Committee.
It is rumored at the CPUC that you were sent to Commission by the Governor's office. If that is correct then you better make damned sure that Patrick McDermott is being paid from the APPROPRIATE FUNDS FOR HIS ACTIVITIES.

You would not want the Governor to be embarrassed by mid October.
To be frank with you I was going to ignore the Puctra Funds problems in the Commission but Patrick McDermott pissed me off.

Do not get me wrong; I am a supporter of Arnold's reform movement. But that is no reason to overlook mismanagement, corruption and fraud in State Bureaucracies. Many in top management are dishonest and incompetent. We intend to make the governor act against them because if he does not we go public and he would look bad for the special elections in November.
Look instead of the bullcrap letter you sent to me, you should have advised Richard Clark about the implication for his tenure at the Commission when funds under his jurisdiction are being unlawfully and inappropriately misdirected. Even though he is not aware of it. But he should be because as Director if he is competent he has to ask and verify that Funds of his Division are used for what they were mandated for. As Human Resources Director you are responsible to establish that work activities are aligned to proper funds. Fund(Governmental)Accounting requires that.
This is just a tip.

Don't forget now: visit
Have a nice week. I have to go to sleep now.

Yaya Fanusie,. Ph.D
What Now?! publisher