From: Harris, Paul
Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 9:29 AM
To: Marinda, Angelita; Fanusie, Yaya
Subject: copy of letter sent to Bob DeGroot on 8-8-05


it's becoming increasingly depressing to come into this office, get 3 times the amount of mail/work as anyone (save, perhaps, Karen), and have to listen to the others (Sandy also not included...she helps out when she can) sit around either talking or writing personal letters or doing whatever it is that isn't's pretty apparent Wilson has no intention of "supervising" anyone but me, and what he's done to me is so far from supervision it's not funny...Tony is free to wander the halls looking for anyone to talk to, all with Wilson's apparent blessing...Irma is free to talk at length to ANYONE who just "happens" by (which seems to be the same people, Wilson included)...I cannot remember a single time Irma actually answered a phone call, yet I was under the impression she's one of I mistaken in that??...

How is the work load arrived at? it something that can be looked at again in light of the fact a couple of these folks seem to have quite a bit of time on their hands, or is this one of those things that's about me and not anyone else?

I'm NOT trying to stir anything up, I've told you over and over, I just want's not looking fair from here, so maybe somebody could explain why it is fair, all that's going on in here (or not going on, as the case may be)...I'm ready to listen, to hear why I'm mistaken about this...