From: Bower, Jennifer Ann
Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 1:12 AM
To: Larson, Stephen;
Cc: Kostas Dimoyannis
Subject: Public Records Act Resquest

To: Larson and Lee,

Look it just one in the morning and for the past two hours, I have been talking to important people in London, Germany and Russia on my Africa Project and now I have to follow up on your guys because the Concerned Staff Committee wants answer from our last request. I am getting angry because I have to use this time to send this reminder when I could be dealing with important issues but have to deal with you guys trash.
Get us what we request and do it fast. Obey the laws of California. Ok. Comply. Send us what we request and do it soon. I have more important things to attend to than to be bother with you guys.
Yaya Fanusie
Publisher of What Now?!

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From: Yaya Fanusie
To: Larson, Stephen
Cc: Kostas Dimoyannis
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 2:14 AM
Subject: Public Records Act Resquest

Dear Steve,
No response from June 2005 request. See attached.
Please state when you are going to provive the information we requested.
what we are concerned about happened before you were appointed Executive Director of CPUC; therefore you should give us what we want. What you may not know is that CPUC is what is going to make or break Arnold in Next elections. We are going to make similar request for another Division of the Commission. It is in your interest to cooperate with us.
Yaya -What Now?!