What Now?!
199 Montecito Avenue Suite 307
Oakland, California 94610

November 12, 2005

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor, State of California
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, California 95814

Subject: There are 10,000 ways to Skin a RAT (The State Bureaucracy).

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

I am disappointed that Prop 76 lost. As a member of your Recovery Team (made donations), I urge you to continue your goal to reform the State of California.

I hope you run for Re-Election in 2006. You have my support. You will win the election if you continue to focus on the Public Good of California and return to your initial call –message asking all Californians to join you to restore the Glory of California.

One way to start saving Taxpayers Money is to foster innovation, efficiency and getting intended results for use of Taxpayers money. To get there, I am suggesting that you focus on removing incompetent and dishonest managers within the State Bureaucracy. Open the Books of State Bureaucracy and let the chips fall. You can not succeed in reforming State Government if those who are responsible for leading many State Departments and agencies are ill-equipped and ill-prepared to lead and manage.

Yours truly,

Yaya Fanusie, Ph.D.
Publisher “What Now?!”

cc: Pat Clarey
Dan Skopec, Deputy Cabinet Secretary
Rod Stolzman, Communications Director
Joe-Elwell-Scaardino, Legislative Advocate-Sacramento, CA