Hello President Peevey,

I was very happy to read about your appointment as President of the Commission and I believe that you would create an appropriate organizational culture and climate where most of us can be creative and innovative in our performance here.

I believe you would create for us the long awaited emergence of CPUC MANAGERS who are honest and competent and who are proficient in obtaining from their staff excellent contributions to the work processes and all other relevant tasks that they may be assigned to do. For over two decades, the morale of staff is very low due to the activities of Senior Management here. The Concerned Staff Committee which I belong to would like to meet with you when you have time for us to give you our assessment and evaluation of CPUC MANAGEMENT. Our committee is an informal bunch of professionals who for several decades have pushed for a very nimble CPUC led and managed by honest, competent managers. We are looking to hear about your vision, mission and goals for the Commission and then we can provide our inputs.



Yaya Fanusie