Greg Colon, candidate for California State Treasurer, failed to disclose that he worked for Andersen Consulting.

Greg Conlon
(R) Candidate for Treasurer
State of California
2764 Spring Street, Suite1A
Redwood City, Ca 94603

October 2, 2002

Re: Deliberate omission of your employment with the now bankrupt and disgraced Andersen consulting of the ENRON FRAUD.

Dear Candidate Colon:

You did not include your employment history with Andersen in the candidate statement published in the OFFICIAL VOTER INFORMATION GUIDE FOR THE 2002 NOVEMBER ELECTION.

What CPA firm were you a senior partner in? As State Treasurer, would you expect those that enter into transactions with the state to practice Full Disclosure?

How can we trust you with our money when you failed to reveal such an important material fact of your professional experience? I resent your calculated attempt to mislead us voters. Deception is not a trait we want in our State Treasurer.

You do not deserve my vote and I am going to ask others not to vote for you.

Sincerely,Yaya Fanusie, Ph.D - Publisher, What Now?!

What Now?!
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P.O. Box 3823
Oakland, CA 94609