Based on the new evidence that has surfaced:

Is it true that Helen Nguyen was hired as a student assistant, but that for the past 6 months she was not a student at all and in other months she took only one course? Isn't this against the rules?

Is it true that she works from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm with about 2 hours off at lunch-time to work in her father's restaurant nearby? When does she have time to go to school or do homework?

Is it true that you have bragged to other employees that you felt that Helen was the hardest working employee in DLSR?

Is it true that when her manager wanted to move her to another cubicle, the deputy chief told him that she could not be moved until you gave your OK, and they had to wait until you got back from your long sick leave?

Is it true that Helen Nguyen has often spent as much as 45 minutes in your private office, doing nothing related to state work?

Considering the type of work she does, why is she required in your office at all?

Is it true that for months you have received racist and sexual jokes and love poetry by email from Helen, without the slightest condemnation from you?

Is it true that you have no pictures of your wife or children in your office but you have a picture of Helen and/or her young relatives?

Is it true that you offered to take her on a trip back to Viet Nam?

Is it true that you shared with her confidential information about another employee's pending adverse action?

Is it true that you and other managers under your direction have removed inappropriate material from your computers and email accounts on or about August 14th, 2002?

Is it true that you have had an inappropriate relationship with Helen Nguyen?

Is all the above your idea of good management?

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