Who Is Next?

WARNING: You must read this short conversation involving 3 managers in DLSR who were gloating over what they thought was a victory over their best employee. They thought this was a private conversation. This happened on the very day that the employee was being interrogated and summarily removed from the building on trumped up charges:

Maria Robbins: "Good work, Good work It's almost over. He's almost out of here."

Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi: "After all these years we're finally rid of him. Who's Next?"

This was their best employee. His creativity is saving DLSR over $100,000 a year. He helped people all over the department, solved many technical problems, even ones that IS people couldn't solve. He spent many hours of his own time on these projects, one of the hardest-working people you will ever meet. If this is their attitude about the best, what is their attitude about the remaining employees? Who's Next? What does this short conversation tell you?

1) DLSR Managers are vicious power abusers and care nothing about creating an harmonious working relationship with their workers. (Hence the high turn-over rate.)

2) DLSR Management is ungrateful for creative, intelligent and talented work.

3) DLSR Management is on a witch-hunt.

WHO'S Next?! Don't think your talent or hard work will save you. It didn't save the best. If you are not a kiss-up, you are a target. Is this what you expect from a Pro-Labor Agency? Why are you working so hard to protect other worker's rights when ours are so abused? We demand new leadership in DLSR NOW!