Requested Documentation Upon Return To LA Office


Please note that I will respond fully to your comments below as you have not stated all that we discussed in substance that has a great bearing on all the items you listed below. Please note that I will not be in the office today, August 3, 2006. As you noted a few times that I was not feeling well yesterday that prompted you to ask me about 2 times if I was OK or what was wrong i.e. something to that effect. Once I am well I will be back in the office, which I hope will not be more than one to a few days depending on how I feel. Please pass this message on to Victoria for time keeping purposes. However, be rest assured that I will provide a comprehensive response to your email so that no truth is left out as you have done below.

Secondly, just to show how vindictive and how you are trying all attempts to smear me possibly because of Danilo's instructions who still have to have you confirmed: For those honest and dishonest managers in DRA, I have already to provided Pam yesterday (Tuesday August 2, 2006) a copy of my sick leave doctor's note which as you said you have seen and on my part I have provided to her a copy for her to attach to my time sheet for July, 2006. This was provided to her before you wrote your email for the records. Is that not something?This shows what is going on, but at least it would tell any reasonable person to suspect or infer that there is more than meets the eye and that you or your boss Danilo have an agenda that could is both retaliation and discrimination which By GOD's grace would be revealed and defeated. Since I will not be in the office today those that are using you should ask Pamela whether this is true or not. Like I will keep saying, the truth will always be the truth. In view of you bringing Pamela into this, and the fact that I have already provided her a copy of my doctor's note, I am copying Pamela this email as well.

In addition, it appears that you did not understand one of my previous emails, hence some of the things you said below. But I am pleased that things will soon come out in the open and Danilo whom we both have discussed extensively about in respect of what he has against me or what he had tried to do in the past which he is now using you to do. At least, as things are going, I will have the opportunity to disclose all that DRA is trying to hide and as I said both of us cannot be right and a management that supports dishonesty or that even encourages it will surely be afraid to investigate the issues I have brought up because we both cannot be right; one must be a liar and we know who that is. Hence, DRA’s management fears in conducting an investigation about my allegation that will straighten all these out. I am sure third parties would soon get involved and I will be exonerated.

Nevertheless, I will respond fully to all these things that you have taken out of contest which can be interpreted to mean another dishonest behavior that now is no longer surprising. But it all sounds great to me because I want the truth out and you are the perfect vehicle to be Danilo's voice in all these. However, expect to get my comprehensive response that will show how you dishonestly took things out of contest, but I am pleased I have enough on such to let any honest, objective and reasonable person know who been frugal with the truth or the person misrepresenting the facts.

Nat Cole
NB: I know this was going to happen so I kept a good record of our Tuesday discussion.

cc: Yaya Fanusie of What Now! Distribution as previously advised.

From: Moussa, Hani
Sent: Wed 8/2/2006 3:46 PM
To: Cole, Nathaniel; N Cole
Cc: Sanchez, Danilo E.; Walker, Cynthia
Subject: RE: Nat - Requested Documentation Upon Return To LA Office

Per our discussion yesterday (Tuesday, Aug. 1st) afternoon about the four items listed below that I requested you provide upon your return back to the LA Office.

(1) Doctor's Note - You showed me your doctor's note for your absences of July 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, and 25th but failed to provide me a copy per my initial request. We discussed the matter with Pamela Gavin-Watts and she advised that you should provide a copy of your doctor's note to her for your personnel file. I discussed this matter again with you this afternoon and we agreed that you'll attach a copy of your doctor's note to your July 2006 timesheet. Pamela Gavin-Watts is also aware of this and in agreement.

(2) Draft Audit Report - You failed to provide the draft audit report per my request.

(3) Copy of all the work you have done on this audit assignment - You failed to provide a copy per my request.

(4) Vacation request for July 26-28, 2006 - You failed to provide documentation supporting that your travel plans are nonrefundable and when you booked the tickets.


From: Moussa, Hani
Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 3:56 PM
To: Cole, Nathaniel; 'N Cole'
Cc: Sanchez, Danilo E.; Walker, Cynthia
Subject: Nat - Requested Documentation Upon Return To LA Office
It's my understanding that you have been out of the office this week (July 18 - 21, 2006) on self sick leave. I hope you're feeling better and able to return back to work next week. Please provide the following upon your return to the office:
(1) Doctor's note for your current absences
(2) Draft Audit Report per my Memo dated July 14, 2006
(3) A copy of all the work you have done on this audit assignment per my e-mail dated July 14, 2006
(4) Vacation request for July 26-28, 2006 - Documentation supporting that your travel plans are nonrefundable and when you booked the tickets per my e-mails dated July 14 & 18, 2006


I do not think that Hani and Danilo are making these false or inaccurate statements by their own perceptions of what they believe to be true. It is that trash called Patrick Mcdermott who is crafting these lies so that he can use the resulting fabrications as a basis to take adverse actions you. Let Danilo and Hani collaborated with Patrick on these unlawful activities and all of them will be thrown out when the Governor election team understand how it is going to be used against him in the elections in a few months.
Yaya Fanusie,
Publisher-What Now?!
PS. For Patrick McDermott, do not forget the year 2015. Trust me you do not know me. The real Yaya Fanusie whose political code name in Africa prior to the outing of my identity to the CIA REGIONAL CHIEF FOR WEST AFRICA. My identity was leaked to him in 1966.
My code name then was Lucifer. So Patrick come 2015 lucifer will send you a letter asking you to apologise for framing Yaya Fanusie. You are not important that is why I will request that you say you were sorry for framing me. Love.
Yaya Fanusie