Subject: Harrassment, Retaliation and Discrimination Continues

This is to inform you that as a result of DRA’s continued attempts to cover up manager/supervisors that have lied against my person, and which I duly brought to the attention of the DRA management by copying them my correspondence and also in certain instances I did report these directly to the Director of DRA who up to date failed to do anything about it. Why this is so strange is the fact that I had witnesses even some in management that would have testified to the falsities of one of the DRA Managers, Danilo Sanchez, but DRA management chose to cover these up and do nothing and others in regard to Hani Moussa who seemed to be used as an instrucment to cover up his lack of knowledge of the work we do and to secure cofirmation for his present position that he has to do Danilo Sanchez's bidden as we both know.

In addition, I was discriminated against and this perceived discrimination continues as I write because nothing has changed and yet DRA management failed to do anything about it for possible fear that the managers would be revealed as liars and dishonest managers and would have to face disciplinary actions. In view of this, I now intend among other things that others are pursuing, to expose these things. I intend to pursue a discrimination complaint with the DFEH and EEOC and possibly other legal options for what I believe is a pattern of management that supports and encourages dishonest mangers to engage in unlawful harassment, falsehoods and discrimination.

In addition, as a result of the actions of DRA management I have been subjected to constant unlawful harassment, discriminatory practices and pressure to be involved in unprofessional conduct in my work product by Danilo Sanchez directly and through Hani Moussa. I intend to protect my rights and reveal the true things that have happened and even falsehood that was made in front of most of the entire DRA Los Angeles staff and the apparent bias in the Deputy Director’s statement directed towards me when the LA staff had a meeting with her for the first time. This is not unconnected in my opinion with her preconceived notion and an already biased mind prior to the meeting she attended in the company of Danilo Sanchez. The word she used was shocking and unexpected of someone in her position. However, I feel good about it because when I spoke at the meeting I challenged every member of the LA office to speak up if what I said at the meeting was not correct or true. To no surprise, no one spoke up, because the truth will remain the truth and I thank my colleagues for that.

Furthermore, this retaliation was even made worse when I wrote to Ms. Dana Appling, DRA Director complaining about unfair treatment and I thought she should be the one to handle an issue directly, but she did the unexpected, and apparently appears to have turned over the letter to the very manager accused and involved. Therefore, nothing was done, but only an increase in the harassment and retaliation. Any reasonable person could see that the intent of apparently turning over the letter to the manager accused in the letter was to encourage the retaliation and unlawful harassment to continue; she appeared to have turned over the hen house to the fox when the hen came to her for protection.

As part of this discrimination, Ms. Dana Appling DRA Director, suppressed a letter of commendation written by one attorney representing ratepayers over the work I did on their ratepayers’ behalf as the Project Manager. I was fortunate to later get a copy of the letter from those that saw the injustice been done and the letter was dated June 2005 and to this date Ms. Appling have not said a word about it neither has anyone in DRA management. Furthermore, Mr. Danilo Sanchez falsely claimed in the presence of the LA staff that he was not the Program Manager when the letter of commendation was written. Though this is untrue, buy why was the staff commended not notified or informed about it? It is obvious that it would not serve DRA management's support of dishonesty. Moreover, Danilo Sanchez failed to realize that this was in June of 2005 a long time after he became a DRA Program Manager. This is part of the deceit and falsehood that has encouraged DRA to support the retaliation and harassment going on because even the Deputy Director present at the meeting did not wink at this obvious lie. At the meeting they both encouraged the LA staff at the meeting to side track the instructions of the CPUC Executive Director as well. All these would be revealed in due course. This is why I do not have much recourse than to go to as many agencies as allowed by law and including the legal arena to bring out the truth in all these past incidences.

I expect that much would be done from now on against me by DRA management through their agents, but that I expect, but the truth would be heard eventually