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September 2003

July 2003

A summary of David Aroner's case and news of his firing. The running aground of the Division of Labor Statistics and Research by its Deputy Chief, Maria Robbins. The many issues at the California Public Utilities Commission.

March 2003
Some helpful suggestions for Michael Peevey regarding William Ahern. David Aroner's $25,000 exclusive contract (no RFP). Allegations of CHP tampering with evidence and intimidation. An employee is pilloried for trying to upgrade his work. Congrats to President Peevey.

November 2002
Some helpful suggestions to improve a branch of DLSE. Will Chuck Cake please respond. October 2002

October 2002
Election year hi-jinks: David Conlon, running for California Treasure, edits his resume. WhatNow?! thinks voters have a right to know what has been left out.....

September 2002
Questions about David Aroner's, qualifications and job performance.

July 2002
Is WhatNow?! wrong? Questions to Director Chuck Cake are denied but not answered. Extensive list Sate Legislatures receiving copies of AmericaWhatNow?! correspondence. A printable PDF file.

June 2002
An appeal for leadership at DLSR. Complaints and performance faults reported to Stephen J. Smith, Director of DIR. CPUC Rail Concerns: a letter to President Loretta Lynch of CPUC. AmericaWhatNow?! asks Loretta Lynch: "Why are PhD’s being used to test telephones?" This early issue is a printable PDF file.